Position: Chairman
Name: Nikolay Tashev
Degree: BSc International Management


The Chairman is responsible for the overall administration and coordination of the Society. He/She gives general guidance and direction to the entire organization, through the setting of organizational goals and priorities. She/He is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Committee. The Chairman is responsible for short and long term strategic planning for the organization. He/She is responsible for ensuring the smooth succession of the following committee.   

Position: Treasurer
Name: Alexandra Vassileva
Degree: BA(Hons) International Business, Finance and      Economics

Contact: alexandra_vassileva@hotmail.com

 The MUBS treasurer has as his responsibilities, keeping financial records of the society's transactions, preparing budgets for each project the society undertakes. This role gives a real insight into the workings of the club, and puts one in a strong position to shape and achieve MUBS's goals.

Position: Secretary
Name: Radoy Georgiev
Degree: BSc Mechanical Engineering

Contact: radoy.georgiev@student.manchester.ac.uk  
he Secretary of MUBS is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the society. Some of her/his common duties involve maintaining and updating the society members list, helping with the organization of any forthcoming events, room bookings, and responding to any queries from our members, as well as the general correspondence of the society. Moreover, the Secretary shall ensure that a stall is secured and confirmed for the coming Freshers Fair and that the society abides by the UMSU rules.

Position: Social Officer
Name: Teodora Tosheva
Degree: BA(Hons) International Business, Finance and      Economics

Contact: teddy_tosheva@abv.bg

 Position: Social Officer

Name: Georgi Kamenov
Degree: BSc Management (Internatiuonal Business                 Economics)

Contact: gecata.d.ge@gmail.com

 Position: Social Officer

Name: Gabriela Nikolova
Degree: BA European Studies and a Modern Language      (Spanish)

Contact: gabeto.xxx@gmail.com

 Position: Social Officer

Name: Lora Parvanova
Degree: Computing and Communication Systems                 Engineering

Contact: lora.parvanova@gmail.com

COMITTEE 2007/2008
Position: Chairman
Name: Valeri Gervaziev
Degree: BSc International Management

 Position: Treasurer
Name: Ivan Radulov
Degree: BSc International Management
 Position: Secretary
Name: Radoy Georgiev
Degree: BSc Mechanical Engineering
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